Hi, Its Murad Ali, I'm a Web developer and blogger, I'm currently running a lot of blogs and websites. If you want to learn more about me just view my twitter.

About this blog, this blog will is only for Telenor MCQs and quizzes. If I got some spare time in my busy schedule I will try my best to get you some more interesting stuff related to educational MCQs, and somehow mobile networks.
For now, this blog just belongs to Telenor Quizzes, You will be updated with daily MCQs and their answer. It will be very helpful if you tried to learn these MCQs as for my concern I learn a lot of MCQs which I already saw in the National Testing Service (NTS), Pakistan Testing Service (PTS), and some more testing services.
I will recommend it if you memorize these MCQs you will be happy if you ever sit in NTS or other testing service exams. These are MCQs are good for preparing your self for such exams.
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